We won’t wait for your perfect job to land in our laps. We will proactively suggest potential companies based on your existing skill set and what you are looking for. We will then be proactive in how we approach and follow up with clients on your behalf.

Our combined decades of experience means we are perfectly placed to understand your background and experience. We will give you advice on your career options to find that needle in a haystack and outline the best way to approach your job search.

We focus on relationship building and know the importance of helping you to find the right placement. We hope this won’t be a one time gig. We want to support you both now and in the future which is what our service proposition to you is based on.

We understand your sector’s nuances, jargon and challenges, so know what you do on a daily basis. This is obviously pretty important! We will be able to make suggestions for your job search which you may not have previously considered.

We are not a jack of all trades. We know what we do and we do what we know. Our continued focus on a few specialist areas means we generate huge amounts of relevant market info which we apply in supporting you with your specific job search.

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